Alonso's fitness journey began at age 25, with opportunities of meeting legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, until he sustained serious injuries a few years later in life. He soon turned to drugs and alcohol to replace the pain of not being able to continue on his fitness journey. After being tired of being tired, he took on the practice of Yoga, which allowed him to continue the pursuit of physical wellness without enduring any physical pain from his injuries. Yoga taught him to adapt a different mindset, and he learned to heal himself from the inside out. With time, he was able to build his physical, mental and spiritual strength back. After years of relentless effort, he was finally able to enter a gym again and not pay mind to his injuries. Presently, he works out every day, trains his clients everyday and continues his Yoga ritual. Alonso is a fitness professional in every way, but above all he is a motivator; the person you need help from to get yourself moving in the right life direction. 


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